Educators know that a healthy ‘school climate’ is a associated with positive outcomes ranging from reduced violence to higher academic achievement. Dr. Rosenzweig adapts the science of ‘school climate’ to help schools develop and maintain a healthy sexual climate. With as many as 5% of high school graduates reporting a sexual contact with school personnel before graduation, and high profile stories in the news daily, this is a topic school districts can’t afford to ignore!

Community Organizations

There is no greater influence on a child’s sexual health and safety than their parents, and too many parents underestimate their power! Parents can inoculate their children against sexual exploitation, and support their sexual health, but most parents feel woefully unprepared to do so. As an expert in family relations and sex education, Dr. Rosenzweig can share the single most important lesson parents must teach their children, and offers tools and support to do so.

Youth & Family Agencies

From juvenile jails to suburban classrooms, from rural child abuse investigations to statewide services, Dr. Rosenzweig has served children and families from every conceivable perspective. She combines the expertise developed through impeccable academic credentials with boots on the ground experience to help leaders and offers practical and inspirational insights into child welfare, child protection, and juvenile justice.

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