Keynotes & Workshops

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Dr. Rosenzweig is an enthusiastic, high energy, engaging speaker uniquely qualified to help parents, educators, and public service professionals ensure the sexual health and safety of children in families, schools, and communities. She speaks to parents about the easy and effective ways they can protect their children and make their communities’ institutions safer; she speaks to peers with the voice of an experienced, caring colleague identifying challenges and offering solutions.

Sample Topics

The Sex-Wise Parent:
As an expert in family relations and sex education, Dr. Janet Rosenzweig can share the single most important lesson parents must teach their children, and offers tools and support to help them do so.

Protecting Our Children:
She combines the expertise developed through impeccable academic credentials with boots-on-the-ground experience to offer practical and inspirational insights into child welfare, child protection, and juvenile justice.

Monitoring School Climate:
Sex & Bullying: With as many as 5% of graduates reporting a sexual contact with school personnel before graduation and high-profile stories in the news daily, this is a topic filled with advice that educators from early care and education centers to college campuses can’t afford to ignore!